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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are you located?
    Hickory, North Carolina, just west of Charlotte.
  • Do you ship puppies?
    We do not ship puppies but do offer delivery & Flight Nanny services. Please inquire if you are interested in this option.
  • Are parents health tested?
    All of our parents are genetically health tested for breed specific diseases through Embark.
  • How big will my puppy be?
    Mini Goldendoodles: 20-35lbs Medium Goldendoodles: 35-50lbs Standard Goldendoodles: 50+ lbs *Specific sizes cannot be guaranteed for an adult dog. We estimate puppy adult weight by averaging the weights of their specific parents. *Buyers must be willing to accept a puppy with the weights and heights only being estimates, as there is the possibility for puppies to be more or less than the estimated weight due to genetics.
  • Will my puppy be crate and potty trained?
    We work through early socialization to get the puppies familiar with a crate, but this does not mean they will not whine – especially those first few nights! We suggest using a snuggle puppy to help your new puppy adjust to using a crate by themselves. Positively associate the crate by allowing your puppy to play “crate-games,” sleep, and take breaks in the crate. You are creating great habits as well as a “safe place” for your puppy by using the crate. It is also helpful house-training & keeping your puppy out of mischief! We use a litter box with alfalfa pellets when potty training. The alfalfa is digestible in case the puppies eat it and smells like grass to help associate pottying with outside smells. We recommend taking your puppy out regularly and use lots of praise when your pup does potty outside. Puppies have a head start when they go home but will still need training!
  • Do you offer a health guarantee?
    Yes, hip and elbow dysplasia are guaranteed for one year and life-ending genetic diseases are covered for two years. Proof of spay neuter is required for warranty to be honored.
  • How does your reservation/waitlist work?
    To secure your place on a list, you will need to fill out a puppy application and remit a deposit. We will have puppy pick day at 3-4 weeks. At your scheduled appointment you will choose your puppy from the available puppies. Keep in mind the earlier you put a deposit down, the higher on the list and the more likely you are to get the exact puppy you would like unless this was a litter with specific colors patterns then picks can be made as deposits are put down. Puppy picks are done in the order of deposits received. If you have questions or concerns, do not feel you need to fill out the puppy application to approach us. We are happy to be a resource and answer any lingering questions!
  • What do puppies come with?
    Puppies are sent home with all vet records including first shots, dewormed, microchipped, first month of trupanion pet insurance, and a puppy kit; blanket with mom's scent, a toy, food currently on and some of our other favorites :)
  • Do you sell with breeding rights?
    Our puppies are sold on a spay and neuter contract. However, we do sell to approved breeders for a fee.
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