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Waitlist for these two amazing litters have opened! Contact us today!!

Due around June 21st!!!

Summer and Pepper are due to breed first of April. These two both have amazing temperaments and we look forward to seeing another litter of their puppies. 

Mom:EmE, bb, kbky, ayat, SSp, Mm

Dad: Ee, Bb, kyky, atat, Ssp, mm


#1 Minton Family

#2 Propst Family

#3 Anagnostos Family

#4 Boza Family

#5 Open

#6 Open

#7 Open

#8 Open

Due Fall 2024

Abbey and Opie will be expecting a litter of beautiful mini-medium goldendoodles this fall. All will be dark red abstract (white markings). We are super excited about this litter as they will be smaller than Abbey's previous litters. All will have wavy coats.

 Waitlist is open.


#1 Breeder Pick

#2 Open

#3 Open

#4 Open

#5 Open

#6 Open

#7 Open

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